I'm In Love With That Song (Replacements Tribute) - Various Artists

Label:Antfarm/Tomboy Records
Highlights:Alex Chilton (Brad Shephard
Left Of The Dial (Challenger 7)
Swinging Party (Icecream Hands)
Aching To Be (Golden Rough)
Rock 'n' Roll Ghost (DM3)

Rating: 8/10

The Replacements were a legendary American band during the eighties that lasted long enough to release eight albums. Despite being relatively ignored at the time, The Replacements are now name-checked by many musicians and were notoriously better known as the most drunken band in the world. It should therefore come as no surprise that they were a strong influence on many Australian musicians, as evidenced by the tribute album, I'm In Love With That Song - 23 Australian Bands Pay Tribute to the Genius of the Replacements.

The compilers (Stu, Mark, Laura and Ian) have done a really good job of ensembling a great bunch of bands who encompass a wide variety of musical styles, including rock, pop and alternative country. For tribute albums like this to be successful it is imperative that the bands are fans first. Reading the liner notes it is immediately obvious that all the bands are proud to be given the opportunity to pay tribute to the Replacements rather than be included in order to look 'cool'.

There are many highlights including Challenger 7's Left Of the Dial and Brad Shepherd's version of Alex Chilton, which not only are the albums opening two songs but are perhaps the albums two strongest cuts. Other highlights include DM3's poignant version of Rock 'n' Roll Ghost, Icecream Hands peaceful Swinging Party and You Am I's really dirty and bluesy version of White and Lazy. Perhaps it is a testament to Paul Westerberg's songwriting ability that his songs sound great when either played as full on punk rock (Brother Brick) or gentle country (Love Me & Golden Rough). If you've never heard of the Replacement, I'm In Love With This Song may well be the best place to start.

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